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Saturday, Jan 10, 2004

Re: Re: Re: Heart Flutters

Posted by Mary on 01/01/04 at 08:43 PM

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Hi, I kust read your posting on heart flutters, and you are the first one I have read that questions it may be gas, often times I have thought the same thing. I go through this periodically, may go for days and not have it happen and then WHAM, there it is and for several days straight and many times through out the day.

What I feel is a a hard “thump”” or “”flutter”” or maybe like a flap inside of me slamming shut or something, does this sound familiar to you? I worry all the time about it and I am sure that is not helping one iota, yet I cant find the cause or any reason why it is hapening. I have had episodes of tachycardia in my life where my heart will take off beating really fast and hard and have these feelings both before and after but I keep thinking there is a logical explanation and soemthing I can do stop or at least understand what is going on.