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nasal pressure

Posted by Lance Baxman on 06/28/04 at 04:06 PM

For 10 years now I’ve been experiencing nasal pressure, where my nose (just my nose) turns extremely red and the pressure build up in my nose gets to the point where I can’t function. Sometimes a headache follows. It never happens in the morning and usually happens after lunch and then again at night after dinner. Often when I eat, I experience the pressure. But it also happens when I’m not eating. When I don’t sleep well the night before, it seems the chance of the pressure happening increases. I did take BP meds for a few years in my late 20’s but the doctor took me off, thinking I was too young. My BP has been fine since I’ve been off.

I went to an EENT and he prescribed nasal spray, which did nothing. Any ideas?

Thanks, Lance