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Re: Help with Effexor withdrawal symptoms

Posted by Denali on 07/15/05 at 09:08 AM

I just stopped my Effexor 3 days ago. (doctor recommended this in order to start another medication)

The first night my mind was racing and I could not sleep until 5 am. That day I woke up at 2pm and felt very disoriented and nauseated.

That night I did not sleep again until 5 in the morning. But I had a docters appt that morning at 9:20. I was not in good shape. I felt like I had the flu, which I did not.

The worst thing of all of this was that nobody told me about withdrawal with Effexor! I was absolutely caught unawares (although after time I suspected that this was related to stopping the meds)

I told my doctor at the appt yesterday what was happening and she didn’t seem very concerned about my symptoms.

Anyway, later that day my mother was so upset that nothing was being done for me that she went to the clinic and asked her family doctor what was going on, and Bingo, he called me at home and explained that I was having withdrawal symptoms.

So now I know. I will be screening whatever drugs they put me on in the future very carefully.

I hope you all do the same.

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Jill E 1 07/21/05 08:11 PM