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Effexor – How I survived withdrawal!!!

Posted by Sara on 01/15/05 at 04:55 PM

This has been for me the worst drug to date to withdraw from. I had been withdrawing slowly for 2 months until I got caught out and got so sick I could no longer hold down the dosage. I literally had no choice but to totally finish taking effexor. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. In my case I did not expect the severity of symptoms – I didn’t have them with other similiar anti -d. There are better ways to withdraw – many posted on the web.

Anyway just a matter of interest my symptoms included vomiting, nausea, diarrohea, night sweats, heart palpitations, chest pains, anxiety and dizziness. Thankfully the majority of the symptoms lasted 2-3 days. Three weeks later I am dealing with depression – but hell what’s new!

How did I look after myself through all this?

First I rang my Mum. She calmed me down because I literally went into shock. I would recommend ringing somebody – whether it be a friend, a family member or a sympathetic and believing health professional. You can talk to them, sob your heart out to them, they could come round, or bring you things you need.

Secondly I slept alot and when I was awake I lay on the sofa and didn’t move – any major amount of movement brought on nausea, dizziness. T.V. was a life saver

Thirdly I sipped small amounts of boiled lemonade every 10 mins – very simple but effective.

Fourthly Believe in yourself that you are not going cuckoo and that withdrawal from this drug is probably making you quite sick

I am going to my health professional and I am going to tell him just what I think of effexor. Unfortunatly for me my counsellor did not believe the severity of symptoms and when I explained to him that others had had similiar experiences he replied that I was not to believe everything written on the internet.

Fifthly if the circumstances demand it find a new supportive counsellor.

Good Luck

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