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Re: Effexor Withdrawal = Depression and Anxiety!!

Posted by Sarah on 04/18/05 at 06:16 PM

I was on Effexor for four years and I have been tapering off for the last four months or so. I am finally off after being on 37.5 mg every other day. I was originally on 150mg. I have actually attempted to get off of this medecine like three other times but the withdrawals were simply too much to handle and I ended up going back on the drug every time. I have read several other withdrawal testimonials on this site and a couple of people mention the hope that someone will file a suit against the company that manufactures effexor (Wyeth Pharmaceuticals). I wonder why this hasn’t been done already or why there hasn’t at least been some sort of national awareness about the potential misery that is involved when taking this drug. Don’t you think that if you would have read stories like the ones contained on this website you would have elected not to take effexor in the first place- therefore saving yourself a whole lot of hardship. I would imagine that the media would love to get a hold of these stories and expose the unmentioned effects of Effexor. What do you think?

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john 0 04/19/05 03:27 PM