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Re: Effexor Withdrawal = Depression and Anxiety!!

Posted by Marla on 07/10/04 at 04:06 PM

Wow! I can’t believe I found this page! Effexor worked for me when I was on it. But I crashed and burned as I slowly weaned off of it. When I went back on it it didn’t work the same way and made my heart race. It took months to find a new regimen so I could function! I experienced depression with the anxiety as never before, but I also had personal life events going on that could be the cause of that.

Nonetheless, I finally was settled on celexa and neurontin. Eventually I had to swith from celexa to wellbutrin. Then I had to add celexa to the wellbutrin. Then the neurontin was switched to topamax which caused me to lose 40 pounds (oh darn)! Now the celexa is lexapro. Plus I was on klonipin for a while. I was trapped in my house and miraculously was able to work.

Perhaps another antidepressant to bridge the gap as you come off the effexor may be helpful. I do find it interesting that so many people had such distress with anxiety. I had such racing thoughts!

God bless!