Re: effexor withdrawl

Re: effexor withdrawl

Posted by nancy on 10/13/04 at 06:17 AM

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i have been on effexor xr for at least 7 years approx…a few years extra because i cant get off it…in the past i was on other antidep. and had no problem weaning off them.effexor xr is different…the last time i tried to wean off was a year ago…i went to md…he said he had heard of no problems getting off except you had to get off slowly…my doc and i tried….i dropped to 37.5mg.and became very ill vomiting headaches…etc etc..most of you already know the horrible feeling weaning off it….it was so bad i had to go back on the 75mg and am afraid to go back down on the dose again…from reading all the web sites im not alone…i have heard opening the capsule and taking a few granules out at a time and going slower works….i dont know this….the other day i got info my pharmacy mailed me ..on effexor not sure why….bur they now listed some of the side effects people are having going off the med….perhaps they are coming clean ..because of what is happening with viox…right now…i have tried in the past to get off the med by weaning off years ago…and got so sick i had to get back 0n.. im sure the company that makes this med does not mind all the people that stay on it because of all the trouble getting off….there has got to be a way to get off this med…under drs. care without getting very sick…..if i knew this when going on this med i would of never took this….the public does need to know… cholesterol is very high….all numbers …now its coming out it can cause high cholesterol along with many other problem

..perhaps the media needs to let the public know all the problems….thank you

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