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your comments scare me

Posted by joy on 07/15/04 at 05:35 AM

Hello everyone. I am a 52yr old RN student. Yes 52. I have been taking 37.5mg twice a day for three years now. I am not working now that I am going to school full time and must go off the med. The last two days I took on 37.5 one a day. I was feeling anxious this morning and decided to look up withdrawal symptoms when I came across this site. Now I am scared to death. I am feeling anxious because of school, (started new Med/Surg quarter)so I don’t know how much is school and how much med. Also I would hate to start having crazy brain zaps some of you talk about because I need to be able to concentrate on my studies. Most of the stories I read were about people on larger does than I was taking so I am wondering if I will experience the same symptoms. Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: your comments scare me
Barbara 0 07/15/04 02:23 PM