Re: Re: Re: need a shoulder? I’m here too.

Tuesday, Jun 29, 2004

Re: Re: Re: need a shoulder? I\\\\\\\’m here too.

Posted by Karen on 06/03/04 at 05:55 PM

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Im with you Lisa. We and im sure there are many others, offer our shoulders, open arms, and hearts, to anyone that has and or will suffer as we have. Maybe doctors etc, should get a PHD in love and support before medicine? Im with you all, even when im off the computer, the support will not stop. Just so people know, i am still suffering the effects, i am not a survivor as yet, but the love and support of someone named ” Nicola””, gives me strength to go into the next day with a smile, and i hope that i can do the same for you all that reads my words… Karen.. PS. THANKYOU NIC!

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