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Effexor W/drawal

Posted by Barbe on 08/02/04 at 03:22 AM

I was put on Effexor after breast cancer because of hot flashes caused by Tamoxifen. Has any one else went this route and if so, how were the w/drawals? I have gone from 75mg. to 37.5mg. And this week will skip a day until the end of the week and then quit. Most of my side effects sound similar to those everyone else has noted. Wasn’t depressed during mastectomy,chemo etc. Still had hot flashes after starting Effexor, but hey “Wasn’t depressed about them anymore””. Main side effects–headache out of body feeling, and unsteadiness. Has anyone tried the Benadryl I have read about and if so how much is taken as dosage? Thanks for your help.