Re: Urticaria

Saturday, Dec 25, 2004

Re: Urticaria

Posted by Joe Kirkland on 01/22/04 at 10:49 PM

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I am a 47 year old male in good physical shape. On sept.2/ 2003 I developed a severe case of Urticaria. I’ve been to my General Doctor who gave me steroid shots that only gave temporary comfort. I have what is called Hashimoto Disease(hypothyroid) so I went to my Thyroid Doctor who tested my blood to find the tsh and T4 to be normal. So she sends me to a rhuematologist who does a barage of blood tests only to find everything normal.He finally gave up and sent me to an Allergist who decided after treating me with no success to do a tpo and ab test to find it in the 7 to 800 range I think the normal range is 0-50? He then raised my thyroid medication over a period of six weeks from 150mcg to 225mcg.I’m now taking only my thyroid medicine(synthroid)and Allegra 180mg. I have had some relief and some hope of improvement.Everyday I still breakout in hives just not quiet as bad and seems to not to last quiet as long.Is there any association between the thyroid and urticaria? If so how much longer will I have to suffer before I get relief?


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Re: Re: Urticaria
Bob Duffy 0 02/20/04 10:55 PM

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