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Saturday, Dec 25, 2004

Re: Re: Re: Herb that worked for me

Posted by stephany on 03/22/04 at 01:02 PM

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I have suffered from a swelling of my face for at least 30 years. It manifests itself generally on or around my mouth area but has also been known to cause my eyes,cheeks and forehead to swell. It can but not always be accompanied by large red hives on my upper torso. This conditon characterizes itself by only a small red spot in the area it is going to attack before swelling occurs. Itching accompanies it as well. I suffer from H-pylari(stomach bacteria that causes ulcers), have had duodenial ulcer(both conditions have been treated medically)and I also have gasrto-intestinal reflux disorder. I have been to Firestone clinic (urgent reaction allgery clinic) at MCMaster university hospital. The allergist there suggested that I am allergic to anti-inflammatories. I disputed this diagnosis as I first had a reaction like this at around the age of 2 yrs.old and would not have had access to those medications as my parents didn’t keep them in our house. Today as a rule I don’t ingest anti-inflammatries. I have been searching for a reason and cure for several years. I’m just wondering if and one has any insight into my disorder. Thanks stephany

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