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Saturday, Jun 26, 2004

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Posted by kristen on 11/05/03 at 01:14 AM

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I’ve been reading all the stories about your battles with hives, so I thought I would share my husbands story. When he was in the fifth grade (1990) he broke out in hives all over his body for the entire year. The doctors could not figure out what the problem was. After the year was over, they completely went away. Approx. 10 years later, they came back. In 1999, he began getting them again. He went on every medication known to man it seemed like. He was on prednisone, doxephin, cemetidine,endomethicine….so many different medications. He currently is taking allegra 180mg in the a.m and 2 zyrtec in the p.m. They don’t make his hives go away. In fact, he is covered most of the time. But he’s been worse when he’s forgotten to take his medications. The list of medications that we’ve tried is well over 15. We’ve seen allergists who don’t seem to know what the problem is. It is very discouraging for him because there is no end in sight. He is miserable many days because he’s constantly itching, or swollen, or in pain with the welts. I’ve spent many nights up with him while he sits in the bathtub soaking in aveeno soap just to get some relief. I say these things, not to discourage anyone from thinking that theres no hope, but to say that we, too, have been dealing with these same issues and struggles and know the frustration you may feel.

I have been trusting the Lord to deliver my husband from this illness, and I just got some very interesting news that Im looking into which may benefit many of you. Here is the website with the info you can read….

This info links autoimmune thyroid disease to chronic hives. I find it very interesting that there is a connection between the two, even if you don’t clinically have a thyroid disease. The article basically states that a significant percentage of pts with hives also have high levels of antithyroid antibody

If you can go to the site and read the article, you can see if it makes sence in any one of your own cases. I wanted to share this on this site because its the first time in a long time that Ive found something that makes a lot of sense….something that could actually be the cause of all this pain and frustration. I pray that you all find anwsers in regards to your hives and I hope you find this information useful.

God bless you. kristen

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