Re: Uticaria

Monday, Dec 20, 2004

Re: Uticaria

Posted by Jennifer on 09/07/03 at 09:19 PM

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I have suffered from chronic Uticaria my whole life, starting from the time I was 3 years old…I’ve had much time inbetween outbreaks, but they are very severe when It happens… usually brought on by stress. A long period of time having stress to bring the immune system down causing hives and internal hives for months on end. Treatment has been Methylpreidnisone dose packs one after another, six in a row this time. This is very frustrating because no antihistimines seem to have an effect. I’m off to see an allergist for the first time for this condition, hoping to get some relief… I’m not hopeful they will find a reason or allergy for that matter, but at least alternatives to the steroids… they seem to make me awake at night these days. In the past I’ve dropped all medication completely to get rid of the hives, and it worked!… I’m not so lucky this time cause I keep ending up in the E.R. with my esophagus closing off… AARRGGGHHH!!! I’m very frustrated, Any suggestions?

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esophugus closing
hollie 0 06/10/04 09:42 AM

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