Re: Re: Uticaria

Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

Re: Re: Uticaria

Posted by vonnie on 01/11/04 at 08:44 AM

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I have been diagnosed with chronic uticaria about a month

ago, I was in the ER many times with a swollen head body

etc.. and I could not breath.

Finally I did see a allergist who gave me my diagnosis, and told me I was closing my thoat off by a panic attach.

He told me to breath into my hands when I get my uticaria

attachs and that will open my

breathing. Unforfunatly I still panic when I get a attach and can’t breath till I get nebulizer treatment. Does anybody else get severe

stomach cramping when they get a attach. I do and it is so severe sometimes I can’t move or I feel I could pass out. I am just alone on these symptoms !!!!

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