Re: Uticaria treatments

Saturday, Jun 19, 2004

Re: Uticaria treatments

Posted by Bill Grubbs on 01/11/04 at 04:17 PM

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I’ve had hives ever since I was around 20. Always occur during the winter and spring. Doctor told me to use Chlortrimiton and it worked well, just makes me drowsey. Being manic depressive, I found anti depressants cured my hives as long as I was taking them. Beware antidepressants are powerful drugs. For a while, I took hot baths around 110 degrees and that kept my hives at bay as they seemed triggered by heat but after the attack subsided it didn’t return for a while. Johnson and Johnson first aid cream may help if applied to the skin. I only know that these methods helped me. Consult a doctor before trying any of them.

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