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effexor withdrawl

Posted by leanne on 10/22/04 at 10:19 AM

hi i have been on effexor for two years i got off it when i was pregnant than when i had my baby i got back on it. i dont find effexor is doing anything for me i am still down all the time and i feel like there is something wrong with my head. like i am dizzy all the time. my doctor is lowering my doseage to 75 mg a day and i am taking clonazepam to help my anxiety and i dont find that they even helps. i use to be on 150 mg and down to 75 mg and i feel funny all the time in the head i cant explain the feeling but its bugging me. once i get off the effexor my doctor is going to change me over to something different . i hope there is something out there that works. i just dont understand i tryed paxil before and now effexor and nothing is helping me.

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