Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004


Posted by Dianne on 07/25/00 at 05:45 AM

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My gyne says I must have a hysterectomy and ovaries removed.

Because, I have fibroids, one of which is enlarged and is the cause of constant bleeding.

I am taking premulin tables 3 times a day to stop the bleeding, until I have the operation.

Tonight I met a lady who said, No No dont have a hysterectomy, go to a naturopath. You dont need to have this op.

I feel confused!

Of course if there is a positive alternative, I will surely investigate the possiblility.

I am 52yrs of age, and certainly dont wish to have another baby, am too old for that in more ways than one, even though I love babies.

Most important thing for me is to enjoy good health, and I am more the conservative type, so have more relied on doctors , medicine etc. Although

fortunately I have had good health and it is only now, that I need for an improvement and solution to my current problem.

I have been given the name of a naturopath, who is into Vega Testing and is also a chiropractor-Acpuncturist as well as Naturopath.

Perhaps tomorrow I will make an appointment to see him, but I thought it prudent to write this email, in the hope of getting some feed back which may be helpful.

So whoever you are, thank you for reading the above, and I will, if I can find this site again be able to respond to your reply. Although, I realise I have given my email address , so may not have to go on a search to find a reply.

Thank you in advance.


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