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Re: Re: tooth abcess

Posted by John Hawley on 06/21/04 at 05:29 AM

I also had an abcess under one of my lower crowns that spread to my face (lump). I also just had my six month checkup 2 weeks earlier with no problems and all of a sudden this happens. (hmn also) I went back to my dentist for xrays and he suggested that I have another root canal. He also issued me a 10 day supply of Amoxicillin (500 mg)(30 pills). THe pain susbsided within a couple of hours after i started taking the anti biotic, and the abcess went away about the 9th day.

In addition I also gargled with hot water and epsom salt every other waking hour, and I also gargled with hot water and hydrogen peroxide (50/50 mix)every other hour (alternate).

I did not now about the Colloididal silver, or “used”” tea bag treatment, but I will keep them in mind should I have a reoccurence.