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Thursday, Dec 16, 2004

Re: Re: tooth abcess

Posted by Barry on 06/02/04 at 03:19 AM

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I greatly sympathise with anyone who’s unfortunate enough to have an abcess due to a bad tooth. I have had several over the years due to my laziness in keeping up my dental checks but I can give advice to anyone based on my past experiences. First of all, get to a dentist or doctor who will prescribe anti-biotics to combat the infection as well as powerfull pain killers for the excruciating pain. In the meantime while waiting for these to kick-in try these; A cold compress on the affected area helps, a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a flannel is usually good. Sit upright in a quiet room and hold the compress on the cheek for up to 30 mins, this does help but do not use a hot compress. Although this may seem more effective it serves to draw the puss from the tooth area into surrounding tissue making swelling worse and the pain will return with a vengeance. When lying down try to lay on your back as Ive found whether one lays on the affected side or not it somehow aggravates the thing something rotten, by laying on your back the pain seems to stay confined to the affected tooth and doesnt spread to the ears and eyes as I’ve found. Its not an easy ride unfortunately and the sooner you get started on the anti-biotics the better. These will start working in a couple of days but the tips I’ve given are ways of dealing with the agony until the medicine starts to work. Finally, a wrinse out of the mouth with warm salty water 3 times a day is helpfull. It does ease the pain but mainly helps fight the infection. I hope these tips are usefull but the best advice is really to keep up the check-ups with the dentist so suspect teeth can be dealt with before they end up making you pay.

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