Re: Adhesive Capsulitis and PT

Monday, Dec 20, 2004

Re: Adhesive Capsulitis and PT

Posted by The King on 08/01/00 at 08:06 PM

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Dear Kent,

I can Honestly say that I do not have one Pain within my entire Body, and have never taken any MediSINZ within the past 35 Years. However, I do Subscribe to an Ancient Truth–that Nature’s only Natural Cure is FASTING and PRAYING, combined with a Natural God-given Diet. However, there are a lot of Foolish People who do not even Believe in God, or the Creator, even though they Know for a Fact that it is Impossible to have a DESIGN without a Designer! Indeed, no Peacock ever Invented and Made his own Tail; but it simply grew out of him Naturally. Moreover, this Extremely Complicated World did not just Design itself, and Empower itself according to various Laws. Indeed, we cannot have a Law without a Lawmaker. Likewise, all of the Ailments of Mankind is the RESULTS of Breaking Natural Dietary Laws, which not only include what we Eat, PHYSICALLY; but also what we Eat, SPIRITUALLY. Therefore, if you Sincerely want to get over your Ailments, you will have to Feast on the Words of Truth, and then you will have about as much use for those Doctors and their Remedies as you do for Used Toilet Paper! See and look for a List of Swangkee Literature, and be Prepared to Confess the TRUTH about all Important Subjects, or else you will never Escape from the Prison of Lies: because you will be Blined by your own Unbelief. Indeed, the only Way out of the Prison of Lies, is to pass through the Door of Confession. Therefore, when you Learn some Truth, you should Confess that it IS the Truth, even if it seems to be Contrary to certain Traditional False Doctrines. For Example, I have just now Proven with Reason and Logic that there is a Creator and Divine Lawmaker. Therefore, if anyone wants to be Enlightened by that Great Mind, they will have to Confess that he does indeed Exist; and that they will do Well to Learn ALL that he has to Reveal unto them. Have Faith, Hope, and LOVE for the TRUTH. The King

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