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Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

Re: Re: Adhesive Capsulitis and PT

Posted by Jeannie on 04/16/01 at 05:36 PM

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I am a 54 year old barber of 20 years and have this terribe disorder. Has anyone had a therapist “pull” on their shoulder blade? Since she did that to me, the top of my shoulder raises up with my arm and now even though my range of motion has gotten better in other areas, I can no longer get my arm in a position to cut hair or to fix my own hair. (someting I was doing before therapy!) Also spasms are horrible but getting better with muscle relaxers. Drs. don’t seem to understand that I have to be able to cut hair, they are too busy being inpressed with the fact that I can now move my arm up and down and to the rear somewhat better and they say that this raising of the top of my shoulder is the capsulitis even though it wasn’t there one day and the very next day it was!! One day I was cutting hair (not easily, but doing it just the same) then the next day I could not do it. Please if this is the norm somebody with capsulitis tell me!!!

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Re: Re: Re: Adhesive Capsulitis and PT
Kent 1 04/17/01 09:05 AM

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