Re: Effexor Withdrawal Effects

Monday, Mar 14, 2005

Re: Effexor Withdrawal Effects

Posted by Veronica on 04/29/02 at 12:10 PM

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I am 17 and I am taking 225mg of Effexor. I was upped

after I tried to commit suicide last march. I sometimes

stop taking my meds so that I can prove I don’t

really need them, but I truly do. I always get sick

after a while. My mom is still waking me to take them in

the morning before she goes to work. Next year I

go to college and she is afraid I won’t take them.

I probably will forget alot. I really just want to prove that

I will not always need them, but I guess as soon

as I accept the fact that I will probably always need

meds to help me I will get better at taking them. I

just want to stay that for you to be able to work yourself

down to no meds and last is real great, so don’t give up just

keep on going.

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