Re: Re: Effexor Withdrawal Effects

Friday, Mar 11, 2005

Re: Re: Effexor Withdrawal Effects

Posted by steven on 06/14/04 at 07:13 AM

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Hi Ya’ll, I have been taking this med for about 6 months now and have to say I haven’t felt this good in a long time.I have quite busy lately and forgot to take my med or effexor in two days, the third morning, I was like wow, that was some vivid lucid nightmares I have been having and then I started feeling like I had the flu, impossible, flu shot I take every year. And those electric head pulses,thought I was going to blow my eyes out. Felt like I just ran 4 miles, my resting pulse was 21 beats in 10 seconds. When I run everyday for 45 minutes at the end my pulse rate is 27-29 beats in 10 seconds. Normally my resting pulse is 11 beats in 10 seconds, that is upon waking in the morning. I spoke with my wife and tried to explain what I was feeling, the brain zaps were the hardest. I have scheduled an appointment for my doctor for none off these side effects are mentioned, and I will seek legal counsel on this subject. If I wanted to get hooked on something/drug I would of tried heroin instead. Godspeed to all and please keep in touch.

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