Home Remedies for Effexor Withdrawl

Wednesday, Mar 16, 2005

Home Remedies for Effexor Withdrawl

Posted by Beth on 01/28/05 at 06:08 AM

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It has been one full week today and the side effects seem to be tapering off a bit.

Most of the ideas that I have suggeed to cope with the pain have been natural ones. I wanted to avoid getting hooked on another medication.

Last night a friend purchased some anti-nauseant tablets it it has made a world of difference. The name of the drug is Dimenhydrinate. It has taken away the vertigo sensation and I slept like a baby last night for the first time. The brain zaps have are not as frequent as well. I found 100mg every 6-8 hrs does the trick. Like with anything the effective dosage amount will vary with each person. Just another tip.

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Re: Home Remedies for Effexor Withdrawl
Mary 0 01/28/05 06:53 PM

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