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Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

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Posted by Sandy Crofton, RN on 01/12/03 at 03:46 PM

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I am not surprised that this term showed up in a history/genealogy search. It is an old and nonspecific classification. It is a vague term for any of a variety of kidney diseases, named after an English physician, Richard Bright (1789-1858). As you can well imagine, a lot has been learned about kidney disease since then!

It usually refers to nonsuppurative inflammatory or degenerative kidney disease. Physical symptoms may include blood in your urine (maybe not visible), edema/swelling and puffiness, high blood pressure; lab reports would confirm blood and protein in your urine, and nitrogen retention. This is a serious condition. A weakenss for kidney disorder may be inherited. If someone in your family tree had this, or other kidney disorders, you should monitor yourself for symptoms. Early symptoms may appear as problems with urination–scant or frequent. Very clear urine, or urine that is very dark.

To find more information on the web or in your library, I suggest that you search under the term NEPHRITIS. And if you have this condition, please seek treatment. Not to scare you, but a patient with this diagnosis may need to be on a restrictive diet (fluid and salt) and may eventually need dialysis or kidney replacement surgery. It needs medical management.

Good luck! And don\’t forget that Jesus Christ brings strength and answers. Try prayer for this and other problems in your life. SANDY

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