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Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

Re: Re: Brights Disease

Posted by bonnie j on 09/08/03 at 06:13 PM

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iwas diagnosed with brights disease at the age of 21. the dr told me that it would not effect me until i was in my 50’s. at the age of 32 i was put on dialysis, i did this for 8 1/2 years and then my sister gave me one of kidneys. i really thought that i was now going to get to live a normal life and i did for about 5 years, except i kept getting kidney infections, just like i did with my original ones, that is what killed them and they shrank. the right is about the size of a prune and the left one has a cyst on it that is larger than the kidney. i did pretty good for about 5 years, and then the prednisone (male steroid) that i have to take 10 mg per day to help suppress my immune system so that my body will not reject the kidney. i don’t mind taking all of the meds that come with transplant but the dr.s did not tell me all of the side effects that comes with the prednisone. last week i was in the hospital because i almost lost the kidney because of infection, my body does not show all of the normal signs of a kidney infection and never has, even with my original ones. this was the closet that i have ever come to losing it. the dr pumped me full of the liquid prednisone, and after a couple of days he finally listened to me and called my regular nephrologist and he told him to pump he full of antibiotics, but since he have me so much of the prednisone i am now a diabetic. this med has also caused alot of excess hair growth and my skin is very thin, and my tissues are in sad shape. this disease does run in the family, my mom would have had 2 big bothers if they would have lived. they did at the ages of 4 and 6 in the hospital back in the 1940’s because dialysis was not available to the laymen only to militay personnel. my mom had an older sister that contracted the disease at the age of 18 but hers went away but it destroyed her nervous system, my mom told me that my aunt couldn’t ever stand to have a fan running in her house. i now have a neice that has been diagnosed with the disease when she was a young child because of kidney infections but she has a child of her own and seems to maybe outgrown the disease. than GOD. I thought that i was cured with the transplant but come to find out i will always have this disease. i hope i have hepled please feel free to e-mail me anytime, if i can help anyone with my experiences,i will be happy to.

have a good day,


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