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How Long For?

Posted by Kim on 06/17/02 at 02:16 AM

What you’re experiencing sounds like the symptoms of Rosacea. The red face starts out just like a bit of blushing, then in the next stage, it is persistant, lasting for up to an hour. In the third stage, it can last for days or weeks. It can affect vision, as there is also Ocular Rosacea. The red bumps are also an indication of Rosacea. Later they may become pustulous.

It could also be some kind of reaction to a stimulus, like an allergy.

I suggest that you see a Dermatologist, so that he/she might diagnose your problem and you can be treated.

Facial/Skin conditions are never easy to deal with emotionally, as they are very public.

I wish you luck clearing up your problem – Keep smiling!