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Re: Red Facial Hives / Rash / Hot Flush

Posted by Deb on 09/05/02 at 06:58 PM

I have similar symptoms to Kyle though also have serious gastrointestinal problems (eosinophilic gastroenteritis). In the past when I have chosen to deal with the rash I’ve had some significant success using homeopathic remedies of Sulphur and Rhus Toxidendron. I’ve also noticed that the rash is much better when I take an aspirin in the morning though this is difficult given my stomach and intestinal problems. I am currently dealing with the Candida by drinking Yerba Mate and Pau d’Arco teas and am adding some Valerian tea for stress when needed. I have put on some pounds since exercise so exacerbated my problems that I stopped…only now I’m just an overweight woman with a beat red face that itches and feels hot. The facial welts are also sometimes raised and swolen. Anyway, it is lightning now so I must go. Hope to hear more on remedies from this forum. Good luck all!!!

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