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Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

Re: Re: Red Facial Hives / Rash / Hot Flush

Posted by Angela Petrus on 08/30/03 at 02:02 PM

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I havee had hives for the past 7+ weeks. I was dignosed as SLE in 1993. I have only had one flare since then. IN 1993 I had the hives like I have today. Thay started out in the first weeks only around my joints. Now they are continuing in those areas, but have also move to my face and ears. I woke up with my lips and eyes swollen shut. I went in to my Rheumatologist and he did ‘t really know what to do. Tried to tell me I was just stressed. UMMM..duh. But, My stress is so much less over the past year that it has ever been. My MOm and ex -husband were recently diagnosed with hepatitic c (bloodtransfusion in late 70’s). My ANA is 360, ant-dna neg. Cardiolipin antibodies H posisitve, sed 52, WBC, RBC all low.

Some of my hives go VERY deep and leave brusises. I can deal with the hives on my body…It is just hard to go teach high school math students when your eyes are swollen and you appear to have been beaten up!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Re: Re: Red Facial Hives / Rash / Hot Flush
Tim 0 12/10/04 02:30 PM

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