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Re: Red Facial Hives / Rash / Hot Flush

Posted by gina on 12/12/04 at 11:32 PM

I have a two year old daughter that continues to get these sever symptoms of severe facial swelling, redness, hot to the touch and itchness that sometimes will even swell her eys shut. It is very difficult to see someone so little suffer such. we as parents are still trying to connect what is in common with all of these break outs. My guess would be an allergy, we have seen an alergist but nothing was detected (for the other parent concerned it does not hurt one bit to get this done) we still have no idea what is causing this, and it is driving me crazy… this is the first I have heard of yeast.. I have never heard that before, I will take it in consideration.. thank you for your story and possible help!

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eric 0 09/06/05 04:12 PM