Re: Re: lump on back of neck

Monday, Dec 20, 2004

Re: Re: lump on back of neck

Posted by Harry Burnham on 12/24/02 at 02:26 PM

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Hi, I too have a lump on the back of my neck, and my doctor in Boston said not to worry about it, even her backup doctor said the same thing. I’m not sure, but think it is also the cause of my tinnitus, which is in the right ear, and the area from the lump (which is in the exact middle of the neck) to the right ear is sore, and something seems to swell up, like a gland. This causes cramps in whatever it is near the right ear. No one can give me an answer, but it is frustrating and sore. My doctort at Martin’s Point in Maine claims it probably is arthritis of the neck, but says nothing else, and I really would like to know. Most of the time it is OK, but if I fall asleep and tilt my head, I awake in pain from a cramp. Maybe someone else can help….Thank You

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