Re: Re: Liver cysts

Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

Re: Re: Liver cysts

Posted by dorothy on 06/17/04 at 07:21 AM

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After experiencing upper right quadrant discomfort for some time, my doctor recommended an ultrasound of the abdominal area. The result of this test was a diagnosis of a liver cyst. I then had a liver scan to confirm that the cyst was benign (which it is). However, since liver cysts generally produce no symptoms, and I am continuing to experience discomfort, extreme tenderness, and slight shooting pains in the area, my doctor ordered a cat scan of the entire abdominal and chest areas. The results of this most recent test are not in yet, but am hoping that they are consistent with the other tests and not something worse. I would definetely push for additional testing whenever symptoms persist! They (doctors) don’t always have all the answers and it can’t hurt to pursue with more testing. Afterall, it is our body and we know how we feel!

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