Re: Re: Re: excema in children

Wednesday, Nov 03, 2004

Re: Re: Re: excema in children

Posted by T. B on 03/12/01 at 09:06 AM

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i am currently trying to look for foods in my 2 year old daughters diet which are causing this, i give her soya milk and have just started to eliminate anything which contains wheat(gluten) they do say the allergy testing can make their excema worst but i am going to take my daughter along to HOlland & Barretts to have it done it costs about ?35.00. You can claim for help under the disability living allowance for your child because she suffers from this, i have just found this out and will help with affording special washing powders, water, electricity, special foods you have to buy. Holland & Barretts does a good range of alternatives – although it is more expensive it is worth trying out good luck

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