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Posted by Denice on 04/08/01 at 01:13 AM

I have had excema since i was an infant. The excema showed up on my face, and mostly on my joint areas such: as on my elbow region and knee region. If only i had seen the right doctors in the first place, i could have avoided many years of unnessary excema. It was not until I until the past year a doctor told me that my excema could be the result of severe allergies. After taking some tests, they found that I was without doubt highly allergic to different types of woods, molds, and pollen. After taking a few months of allergy shots, all the excema cleared up. It was truly miraculous. Obviously I had been developing excema because it was my body’s way of reacting to things i was allergic to. Today i am 17. I know what your baby is going through, and i know your doctor says use vaseline, but it isn’t always the best. Itching is friction against skin and produces heat. vaseline only makes the heat more intease. What the baby needs is something that will cool the skin, which you should ask your doc about. If there is nothing. use water. Though it causes stinging, it will cool the skin, in which then you can apply the vaseline. If your baby continues to have excema, s/he will probably be given prescribed cremes that may help, but if not, don’t be descouraged. If the excema is severe, the cremes will help at first but then stop working, and you will need to get stronger cremes until there are no more type to use, so i don’t suggest to use cremes to much because they may cause some side effects in the future. Only if the excema refuses to go away, you should try to visit an allergy doctor who may allow the baby to get an alergy test done. This may lead you to find the solution early on or else may just give you information that the excema is not caused my an allergic reaction. But no matter what happens, there are many good and bad doctors out there, and you should constantly be searching. Good luck, and write to me if you have any questions.

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