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mirena & abnormal lab

Posted by ginger on 01/16/06 3:01:49 PM

i am 32 mother of 2 and have had mirena x 3 years i never really had all the terrible side effects i have read about but in november was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow diasease. for 3 years my platelet count had been elevated on routine lab work and my dr just chose to watch it. then my platelet count and red blood counts were both elevated and started having weird symptoms. i am a nurse and knew something was not right with me. i was having blurred vision fainting spells headaches and was weak all the time. i went to a oncologist who immediatley did a bone marrow biopsy to rule out leukemia. my results showed polycythemia vera. a bone marrow disease thats very rare for someone my age. whats happening is basically my bone marrow is making way too many platelets and red bllod cells and making me sick. so now i am on a chemo drug taking it orally to suppress my bone marrow. i have to have lab all the time. and follow up with a hemtologist/oncologist. but all that kept going through my head being diagnosed was MIRENA so now i am having it taken out i am going to see how my labs look afterwards. no one will tell me mirena could have caused all this but it is weird that it all started after i had mirena put in. and now my dr is telling me to get it out. i just have a gut feeling that something with the mirena and my body caused this rare disease and i pray that when i get it out my disease will be in remision

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