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Re: mirena coil, thrush & cystitis

Posted by Vicki on 03/20/08 7:19:35 PM as a reply to
mirena coil

Well thank you all. As I have been suspecting, I have now been utterly convinced that it is my mirena that is causing my thrush which I have been suffering with on and off (but more on) for several months now – especially after sex. I also went through a stage of having severe cystitis (not really the pain of cystitis but the constant need to pee and at one stage peeing blood). I had never really suffered with either thrush or cysitis before having the mirena fitted (which I have now had for 17 months) and I intend to go and speak to my G.P about it ASAP. I just hope that he agrees this could be the cause – after reading these posts I am not confident. You would think that our intuition about our own bodies would be credited wouldn’t you – but without wanting to sound like a conspiracy theorist, perhaps the industry does not want to add another possible side effect to the already pretty long list.

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