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Naturopathic nursing or assistant programs

Posted by Courtney on 09/18/05 2:28:19 PM

I’m very interested in naturopathic medicine, primarily in making house calls. I’d love to become licensed ND but for many reasons (family and financial) it’s not do-able to take on-campus classes at any college offering that curriculum for licensure. Are there any programs offering training for naturopathic nursing or assistant? I have 15 years of experience as a paramedic and love what I do, but am realistic enough to know I can’t do this forever. I’ve heard universally negative things about how medics are treated in nursing schools. But if there were any naturopathic route I could take after getting an RN, though, I could stomach the “anti-medic” bunk long enough to get my RN and move on to naturopathy. I’d love to apprentice to an ND and make house calls for patients who can’t make it to an office.

Is this developing field in natural medicine also open to those who aren’t physicians? Are NDs hiring treatment assistants? If so, what kind of experience and/or training do they want us to have?



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