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Posted by Elizabeth on 12/07/05 5:25:59 PM as a reply to
NCNM vs. Bastyr

Robert T.

Having recently graduated from Bastyr with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine I can state with absolutely no reservations…DO NOT GO THERE!

It will chew you up and spit you out and not care in the least.

It is a financial pit you will struggle from the next 30 years to recover from. That is not an exageration. After you graduate your loan costs with interest will easily go over $135,000. And they jump up the prices every year.

Every one I have met from NCNM seems on the right path emotionally and I have known many Bastyr students that are happier there.

Seriously I would not recommend either program if you would like to make some type of secure living when you graduate. If you doubt this I recommend having some frank discussions with graduates and practioners on the struggles they have had…and how they are still in debt with student loans over 10 years later.

I DO wish you career success…but for medicine your livelihood is staying alive financially and there are MUCH better choices…physicians assistant, nurse practioner, physical therapy, etc.

The best people to talk to at the schools are the students that are ready to graduate or have graduated and seen the real struggle to stay alive.

This is probably not what you wished to hear…if you would like things sugar coated please see the admissions office of either school.

Also…the first and second year classes are very challenging which commits you to the program…after that they plummet rapidly with quality and content. Do not waste your time , money and life with a school that is simply there to collect your student loans guaranteed by the government.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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