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Posted by Adjunct Faculty at Bastyr on 06/19/05 2:15:00 PM as a reply to
NCNM vs. Bastyr


Bastyr wants to become the Harvard of natural medicine. This idea is leading it away from the heart and soul of naturopathic medicine in the opnion of many of its students, faculty and graduates. They are currently valuing evidence based medicine over naturopathic clinical theory and moving more and more into a “green allopathy” paradigm. This seems to appeal to the students who are science-focused.

NCNM has resisted these pressures, and are doing a better job of ensuring their curriculum and teaching philosophy still holds true to naturopathic traditions.

Having participated in many admissions interviews with prospective students, I’d advise you to ask yourself a few questions:

1. What kind of ND do you want to be? What do you value in practicing naturopathic medicine?

2. Do you view naturopathic practice as a sacred calling? If so, NCNM may resonate better with your soul.

3. Are you interested in proving to the allopathic world that naturopathic medicine is just as good as and sometimes better than allopathic medicine? If so, Bastyr would probably position you to participate in that paradigm.

Final advice, compare the year by year, quarter by quarter curricula of the 2 schools from the perspective of your interests and energy.

Best of luck in your studies.

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