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saheli-non hormonal birth control pill

Posted by bird on 09/08/08 9:05:11 AM

hi guys if ur like me who have had nothing but problems on birth control,i have somthing to tell u about.First thing first i havnt tried saheli as yet but would like to once my period returns cause u need to start it on the 1st day of period.ok its says its non hormonal non steroidal…and it doesnt have some of the side effects like normanl bcps like mood swings weight gain and nausea.its a serm .that is a selective estrogen receptor module. ask ur doc to explain that to only take it twice a week for the 1st 3 months then u take it once a week from the 4th month also goes under the name of either name from more info.OK ladies here is the thing.Its only legal in india guess the faa hasnt cleard as yet.but its available here where i live in the caribbean and women who have been on it says its working well with no side effects to mention.NOW ladies i am not advocating u start using .what my intensions are ,is to bring it to ur attention if u are like me desperately in need of somthing other than hormones and condoms are also not much of an option because ur either married on in a commited relationship.look into it and talk to ur doctor or some research and if u think it might worth a try go for it.i have stopped using bcps for about 3 months now and i feel great i have lost alot of body fat ,i deffinately dont look pregenat any more.oh i was on noristerat the injection but they are all hormones so they work like a pill anyways.well my job here is done just wanted to bring it to your attention.i dont work for the company nor am i being paid am just trying to help woman who want to feel sexy again.bye bird

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