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Post-mono illness

Posted by Janet B on 05/30/02 at 10:03 PM

My daughter is 14. Earlier this year she had mono. It settled in her spleen which became enlarged. As she was recovering, we allowed too much activity and she relapsed. Then again when she seemed better and blood test was OK, she began having sharp intermittent pain in her upper abdomen, just under her ribcage. Now the pain seems to be moving around the upper abdominal area. She also has occasional headaches. This has been ongoing for about 4 weeks now. There seems to be no connection between the pain and any particular activity or with eating. The pains are sometimes more severe than at other times. So far, an Xray and CT scan has turned up nothing unusual except a “tented”” diaphragm. They say this tenting is caused by some scar tissue from some old condition. But they were not specific. The pediatrician is stumped and is now sending us to a gastroenterologist. But we can’t get in to see him for three more weeks. Has anyone out there got a clue?