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a little friendly advice 😉

Posted by Cody on 07/11/04 at 01:27 PM

Hi all I am am a fellow effexor taker,that is trying to get off of the stuff! I was just reading the posts about 5htp and am really excited to try the stuff!

I would just like to remind every one to make sure to get all their B vitamins and calcium. Also green leafy veggies such as spinach are great for us. Another thing is fruit, grapes and any asortment of berries such as blue berries are wounderful. These foods are good sources of amino acids.

One last thing, exercise is a great way to boost all the good chemicals in our body. Jogging, weight lifting, yoga, pilaites, it’s all good! If you are haveing withdrawals do not hesitate to go to a gym, where there are professionals to assist if you get too dizzy or sick.

All right, thanks everybody for the great advice! Keep sending it! God bless you all! Cody