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Posted by Phil Shaw on 09/26/02 at 04:09 PM

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Claire, don’t stress to much,

I am 37 and have been battling my whole life too. One of the things you might try is to choose a part of your body where it wouldn’t be to bad, such as leg,arm, foot,hand etc etc. I found when I was a teenager that I had excema and nothing I could do would clear it up. So I attacked it a bit at a time. Cos you probably know that when you clear up one spot it comes back somewhere else. This takes a while but what you have to do is leave the part where you can live with it and only treat that area 1 time to every where else’s 3 or 4. I managed to chase mine down to a finger. Previously it was forearms, legs, ankles and the soles of my feet. I kept it on my finger for about 15 years.

Also try different foods, or leave things out of your diet. I can’t use Vitamin C or eat fruits that have vit c in them.

You have to remember that you have excema and will never be able to clear it all up, so you have to find a compromise. The best I have ever been able to do is go a week without using a steroid cream, but I need to moisturise every day.

I hope this helps, let me know if I can do anything else.

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