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reoccuring mouth herpes

Posted by Mona on 03/05/03 at 07:17 AM

I used to get a herpes in the corner of my mouth (on the same spot) 20 years, so far, occuring maybe 1-2 a year. Since last year, started to spread on other parts of my mouth, and seems like it never goes away, as soon as one is over, after 3-4 days, another one is outbursting! I have tried Zovirax, works, but the same result, after 3-4 days, here comes the new one. Anybody have any idea of some herbal remedy maybe, or maybe idea what’s wrong here? The doctors I have seen, are not too worried about this, they say it’s “normal””, but everything I have read so far, this is far from “”normal”” to have it as often as I have. Please help