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Re: Treatment for Eczema?

Posted by joe t on 02/14/06 at 06:47 PM

when my daughter was 3 mon. old the doctor told us that she had eczema. since then we’ve tried everyhting to help our the worst she was covered with open wounds where she would scratch herself to sleep to night, and crying w/ pain.some days se couldnt even walk right, it’s so heartbreaking for a parent, i mean you feel so helpless. my mother recently moved to the yuctan as a missionary and she sent us some cream called scheriderm 15g. this has been a godsend. she competly cleared up for 5 mon. now you just have to keep applying a thin layer every other day. it works for us.

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Re: Re: Treatment for Eczema?
Byanka L. Rosa 0 12/14/06 03:22 PM