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Re: Westbrook University

Posted by scott mangold on 07/14/04 at 07:43 AM

Anyone who has ever visited this site should know not to ask a question about distance learning. You might as well ask the AMA about Naturopathy. I find it interesting that Dr. Maloney picked 2 courses of the over 40 required to downgrade this program. I feel the childbirth course in a waste but the massage class actually focuses on acupressure. Westbrook students are required to have a four year degree before entering the ND program. ND students are required to do 525 hours observation with health care professionals followed by a 1050 hour clinical intership. Try to find that in any other distance program. I’m not suggesting that this school is of the equal to the residency schools but not everyone is able to attend those. It depends on what your objective is. As far as distance learning I feel this program is the best alternative. Just have it clear what a program like this enables one to do and not to do. Please email me with any further questions.