Re: Seroquel

Tuesday, Mar 01, 2005

Re: Seroquel

Posted by Marlene on 12/29/04 at 04:54 PM

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I have a son who is 8 yrs. old. He was diagnosed at eh age of 21/2 as ADHD because of problems related with eating and sleeping. Since this tiem we have tried many different meds. and still up to now, he does better with out any of the meds. than with them. The side effects were worse than the problem. About a yr. or so ago, I took him to a different Dr. They were looking at bipolar. He has a learning difficulty. However, his sleeping and eating changed on its own and this is not a problem now. I have not been able to find what the problem with learning is, but will keep on trying different testing,etc.. but don’t think after all I’ve seen him put through, trying meds. that this will be an avenue unless I know for sure what the problem is and not just experimenting with meds.

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