Overwhelmed and in need of advice

Overwhelmed and in need of advice

Posted by Julia on 10/05/00 at 03:35 PM

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I have been interested in the field of

naturopathy for some time now. I really want to

do my school through correspondence as I do

not know where I will be over the next few years

and cannot commit to a four year university

program. I have many interests other than this

and do not wish this to be my only profession.

My future goal is to be a stay home mom with

many projects on the go. One of these would be

to counsel people in the field of natuopathy. I

am, however, mostly interested in the nutritional

aspect of the field. I am extremely interested in

knowledge of basic nutrition but would also like

to learn about other aspects as well. For

instance; the debate over dairy products and

the use of plastics linked to cancer because of

the estrogens, etc.

Mostly I am interested in educating myself, in

seeking personal development and growth. Am

I looking into the right field specification?

Also, I can not afford to pay $10 000 for a

course. Will a correspondence course do for my

purposes and if so which one is good? The

internet is simply littered with choices!

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Re: Overwhelmed and in need of advice
Charlotte 1 10/07/01 07:45 PM

Re: Overwhelmed and in need of advice
gregory ashby 0 11/15/00 02:46 PM

Me too!
Therealpetrock 3 10/16/00 02:16 PM

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