Re: Need help from anyone who has attended Bastyr, SW or Bridgeport.

Saturday, Feb 19, 2005

Re: Need help from anyone who has attended Bastyr, SW or Bridgeport.

Posted by J.D. McCoy, ND on 04/09/03 at 02:15 PM

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The main take-home is that all of the schools have their pros and cons. I graduated from CCNM (only Canadian CNME accredited school). I am currently practicing in Hawaii (licensed in HI and AZ). I had classmates from the U.S. Regardless of the program, all of the CNME schools will provide the foundation needed to be a physician. Medical school is only the beginning of a life-long journey of learning. What you chose to do on your own (continuing medical education, research, preceptorships, etc..) is what will distinguish you as an excellent naturopathic physician. Based on my experiences over the last two years (class of 2001), working with an MD, DO and ND (Bastyr grad), I know that I had an excellent, eclectic education provided for me. I have worked hard to cover an ocean of material (naturopathic and allopathic). The choice of entering naturopathic medicine is a great adventure. Deciding which school you want to attend is one of the first steps. If you can afford it, visit the schools. Keep in mind that there are negatives and positives with every school.

I am planning a move to Arizona, and will be involved in SCNM. I am looking forward to making a contribution to naturopathic medical education.

In Health,


(I have been to Bridgeport- I did my emergency medical training there on an exchange with CCNM- SCNM, and CCNM)

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